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Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are similar to temporary sprains or strains but become permanent.  In these types of injuries, there is nothing identifiable on an MRI, X-ray, or other diagnostic device to show a specific injury related to an auto or motorcycle accident, or other type of accident.

Movement of the neck and back, particularly during auto accidents, is a common cause of permanent soft tissue injuries.  Forces involved are atypical of regular movement, and this unexpected strain or sprain can cause the body to create scar tissue which forms around affected areas.  As the scar tissue builds over time, it may cause pain by placing added pressure on the nerves or neural foramina in the spine.

This type of injury is recognized in virtually all authoritative  medical journals as one that can have long-term and permanent ramifications.  Permanent soft tissue injuries are most commonly treated with medication and physical therapy.  There is no known surgical procedure that can completely resolve this type of injury, so consequences are permanent, extremely painful and costly for the person involved.

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