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Plain and simple. We help people who get injured in accidents. Whether you are in a car accident or you have experienced wrongful death, we have lawyers that can help. Christopher Ligori & Associates has been practicing personal injury law in Tampa for over 20 years and have seen almost every type of case there is.

We’ve represented over 8,000 clients in the Tampa Bay area and our reviews speak for themselves. When you go to some of these big-box law firms, you are just a number. Not with us, we have thousands of satisfied clients, and we provide personal attention and service you can only get from your local neighborhood attorneys. We live in your community , and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the personal care and attention that we provide to each of our clients. In other words, we are small enough to care and big enough to make a difference.

We tend to view ourselves not just as your attorneys, but also as your counselors and personal advisors, helping you to meet the many challenges you face in the wake of a personal injury, whether you are dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, a property insurance dispute or any other challenge worth seeking legal assistance.

Based on the high rate of auto accidents in Florida, your chances of being involved in at least one accident during your lifetime are quite high. Auto and motorcycle accidents are responsible for over 40,000…

Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Tampa and Riverview know the uphill battle injured motorcyclists face when trying to recover compensation for their injuries from the insurance companies of drivers who …

Experience matters when you’re dealing with trucking accident cases because these accidents are so different. As you can imagine, truck accident litigation is very complicated, due to the many safety regulations and industry…

Property owners, including businesses, MUST WARN visitors to their property of potentially dangerous conditions. They have a duty to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition, and if they breach that duty, they can be …

To lose someone in a case of wrongful death is the source of an unspeakable pain and very particular sorrow. Experts would say that the cocktail of feelings – sadness, anger, and helplessness, for example – felt by the family…

Far too often, product manufacturers fail to adequately warn consumers about potential dangers associated with their own products. Even when they know the products have flaws in their design and/or manufacture …

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically fall into two categories. All-risk policies protect against all risks of loss that are not specifically excluded under the policy. In these claims, the insurer has the burden to prove the loss …

Many homeowners and condominiums associations are simply trying to get a return phone call or letter from their insurance companies, much less a proper adjustment of the claim that results in them receiving what…

It can be difficult to bounce back after a catastrophe shuts down your business. An already complex insurance claims process is compounded in the event of a commercial loss, which may involve not only an assessment…

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How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take?

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You’ve been injured in a car accident, now what?

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