Takata Airbag Settlement

Takata Airbag Settlement from 4 Car Companies

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It’s wonderful for consumers to have this class action settled against Toyota, BMW, Subaru, and Mazda for over $500 Million. However, this settlement does not deal with any personal injury or property damage issues related to the airbags deploying and metal injuring any individual. Those type of injury cases are incredibly serious and happening nationwide due to the fact that these airbags are clearly defective. This settlement is only to compensate people who have these defective airbags and had to get rental cars while they are being replaced and they were given $500 for their inconvenience. The amount of the settlement shows the tremendous amount of these defective airbags that are in cars that are on the road of this nation.

This settlement is in addition to the $1 Billion settlement dealing with the fraud concerning the air bags and the Takata company executives who were charged criminally.

These defective airbags are extremely dangerous and if you know and if you know anyone who has been injured by metal from an airbag deploying please contact us at (813) 223-2929.

Source: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/18/528966358/4-car-companies-settle-takata-airbag-lawsuit-for-553-million 

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