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Honored to Be One of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite!

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At Christopher Ligori & Associates, we prioritize our clients. We understand that our clients seek us out because they need help with a matter—from property insurance issues to motorcycle accidents—and we do our best to support them and fight for them. Our main priority will always be to provide the best counsel to those who seek it, and we are honored to have been recognized by our peers in the legal field who understand the hard work that we do.

We recently received news that Christopher Ligori has been named one of Florida’s Legal Elite by Florida Trend, a business trade magazine that highlights the many things going on in the state that affect the business community. As one of 2017’s Legal Elite, Mr. Ligori is recognized as exemplifying a standard of excellence in his work as a personal injury attorney. Ths list of 1,080 attorneys recognizes less than 1.5% of those lawyers active with the Florida Bar. To be selected, an attorney must be nominated by his peers and undergo vetting of their bar membership and status.

This is not the first time that Mr. Ligori has made the list, having previously ranked in 2014 in the area of civil trial law. It is an honor for one of our team to have been named once to the Legal Elite, to have Mr. Ligori recognized twice is quite an accomplishment.

Thank you to Florida Trend and the amazing lawyers throughout the state of Florida who continue to battle on behalf of their clients and seek justice for this distinction.

What Makes Us Florida’s Legal Elite

We believe that our commitment, knowledge, and successful outcomes have helped us build a solid reputation and earned Mr. Ligori a spot on Florida’s Legal Elite list.


At Christopher Ligori & Associates, we are committed to helping our clients secure the best outcome possible in their cases by providing them with high-quality legal advice and representation. From the first moment of contact, we are attentive, considerate, and reliable as we ascertain the problem and devise possible solutions and outcomes based on our experiences. We work with our clients to help them understand the system and how we can assist them in navigating through it.


To be considered a Legal Elite, it’s necessary to understand the law. Law is constantly changing thanks to hard-working legislators, persistent attorneys, and wise judges. It isn’t enough for a lawyer to do well in law school and to pass their state’s bar exam. To truly be knowledgeable in the law takes a continuous effort. Staying active in legal associations, reading legal journals and opinions, and making a concerted effort to educate oneself on the status of current legal precedents are a necessity.


Knowing how to use one’s legal expertise in a court of law or around a conference table is key for securing clients a positive outcome. It is no easy task to convince a judge and jury or opposing counsel that your position is the correct one and that your client should be appropriately compensated for their injuries or property damage, however, Mr. Ligori and his team have shown time and again that they are up to the task by securing their clients settlements that often exceed their clients’ expectations.

You Deserve “Legal Elite”

The number one reason that Mr. Ligori and his team fight hard for their clients is because they deserve someone who will work tirelessly on their behalf. It is a desire to better serve the community and those injured through no fault of their own that drives Mr. Ligori and the attorneys at Christopher Ligori & Associates to bring their A game to the table. Florida residents deserve legal representatives who keep their best interests in mind, who take the practice of law seriously, and who are respected in the courtroom. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, visit our website.


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