Why Go to the ER If You are Sore After an Accident?

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Injuries, especially related to muscle spasms, soft tissue and/or swelling can be helped tremendously by going to an emergency room, being seen by a doctor and prescribed muscle relaxers that are anti-inflammatory right away.  Emergency room doctors know that the more swelling you have in either your neck or back or whatever area is injured in an auto accident the more scar tissue that that can develop.  The more scar ERtissue, the greater chance it is to wrap around nerves in the body and cause pain.  Additionally, when muscles are injured during an auto accident they spasm.  That spasm can be painful and can cause additional scar tissue.  Thus, by immediately taking anti-inflammatory muscle relaxants you can reduce the swelling and keep the muscle spasm to a minimum – thus lessening the chance that you will have a permanent injury or if you have a permanent injury due to the scar tissue build up, it will lessen the impact of the injury.

Another reason for going to the emergency room after an accident is that some people may have tears or other injuries in their knees, shoulders, wrists and it is important to tell the doctors of not just those injuries but any other pain or injuries that you have because under Florida’s new PIP Laws – if you don’t mention all the injuries at the first visit, your own insurance coverage may not pay for all the injuries but only the injuries that were recorded at your doctor’s visit.   It is also common for people to discover due to back pain from the accident that they have small fractures in their vertebrae.  This type of injury is found most often with women; particularly older women due to osteoporosis or weakening of the bones.  Women in general are considered to be more susceptible to serious injury in an auto accident due to their smaller stature than men and other physical difference.

Weather you are male or female even if you do not feel severe pain, you should go to the emergency room after auto accident.

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