What Types of Tests May the Doctor Order?

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Generally after you have sought follow-up care for auto accident injuries if your pain persists the normal medical protocols will call for you to have not just an x-ray but an MRI of the area that is hurt.  This is for areas such as your neck, back, knees, shoulders, wrists, mri_spineankles and even your hips.  MRI’s and X-Rays are known as “diagnostic tests” and while primary care doctors can interrupt the results of these tests the specialists who are specifically trained to read and diagnose treatment based on these tests are known as “radiologist”.  Normally a facility that administers an X-Ray or MRI will then send the films to a radiologist to read.  You will typically not see this doctor unless there is some sort of follow-up MRI or X-Ray that needs to be conducted in which the radiologist may need to inject a dye into your system to get a clearer picture of the cause of your pain.  However, that doctor will have an important part in your treatment process.


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