Why should you talk to a lawyer after getting into a car accident?

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Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but life happens. There are over 1,000 car accidents in the Tampa area every single month and most people who get into car accidents don’t understand the importance of speaking with an attorney. By no means do you need to hire a lawyer after your car accident … Read more

7 Must Know Issues if Your UBER Driver Gets Into an Accident

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Currently, the Florida Legislature is reviewing the nature of the employer/employee relationship at transportation networking companies like UBER. This determination will ultimately affect whether UBER shares the responsibility for any injuries that may occur as the result of an accident involving an UBER vehicle. UBER has lobbied for proposals that would classify the drivers as … Read more

Pain and Suffering: Calculating the Intangible

Einstein’s theory of relativity has nothing on the complexity of calculating pain and suffering. How do you put a price on how a person feels? You can’t. Pain and Suffering is one of the most commonly misunderstood terms in law, because it’s not based on how you feel – at least, not entirely. For legal … Read more

What If there is much more damage to the vehicle that caused the accident than to your own car? How can that affect your case?

Some jurors in accident cases believe in the myth that property damage equals injury. This means that jurors likely will believe that unless your vehicle sustained substantial property damage, you were not injured. Ironically, this commonly-held belief is refuted entirely by the body of medical and scientific evidence that has been developed over years regarding … Read more