What Types of Doctors Can See Me After I’ve Been to the Emergency Room?

There are a number of different doctors that you can see after you’ve been to the emergency room.  You can see any physiatrist which is a physical therapy doctor, an orthopedic doctor, a general practitioner who works at a facility that accepts PIP, a neurologist – there are an infinite number of doctors who obtain … Read more

Doctors You Should Not See and Why

Some doctors that you shouldn’t see after an auto accident are your general practitioners.  The reason for this is most do not take PIP coverage and if you are in an auto accident PIP must be used first before any other types of insurance.  What this means is – even if you have public or … Read more

Why Go to the ER If You are Sore After an Accident?

Injuries, especially related to muscle spasms, soft tissue and/or swelling can be helped tremendously by going to an emergency room, being seen by a doctor and prescribed muscle relaxers that are anti-inflammatory right away.  Emergency room doctors know that the more swelling you have in either your neck or back or whatever area is injured … Read more

What Kind of Doctors/Specialist Should I See and Where Do I Start?

Post-Accident Medical Treatment When you are injured in an auto accident it can be a very scary process. Most people are upset, a little confused, not sure what to do and it can be very unsettling. If you feel bad, sore, shaken up – the first thing you should do is seek post-accident medical treatment … Read more