Why should you talk to a lawyer after getting into a car accident?

Why hire a lawyer after a car accident video thumbnail

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but life happens. There are over 1,000 car accidents in the Tampa area every single month and most people who get into car accidents don’t understand the importance of speaking with an attorney. By no means do you need to hire a lawyer after your car accident … Read more

Hiring an Attorney Part 4 – Importance of Hiring a Lawyer who is Trying Cases

Some lawyers are just settlement lawyers that will take any offer the insurance company makes, whether their last offer is fair or not, the right value of the case or in the best interest of the client.  These lawyers are in everyone’s neighborhoods, on TV and on billboards. Some advertising lawyers are excellent lawyers who … Read more

When to Hire a Lawyer After Your Auto Accident

Immediately after your accident is the best time to hire a lawyer. You can wait until after you’ve taken the other driver’s information, after you’ve reported the accident to the police, and possibly after you’ve seen a doctor or received care at the emergency room – but definitely consult a lawyer before you talk to … Read more