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Tampa Negligent Security Lawyer

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Every day innocent people throughout Florida become victims of crime. Most of the time, many of these crimes could have been avoided through adequate security.

If you or someone you know was assaulted or robbed while on a commercial property, you may have a negligent security claim.

Negligent security cases can have some of the most devastating consequences on people’s lives of any type of injury related case. These type of injuries include not just broken bones but also death, rape, brain damage, and a multitude of incredibly serious injuries. These type of cases can result from a business owner who wants people to come on to the premises so they can make money but doesn’t invest enough to make sure that these people are safe.

A business owner has an obligation to make sure their place of business, including parking lots and the areas surrounding it, are safe for their business invitees/customers. Some businesses may be located in dangerous areas, which can attract dangerous individuals. However, this does not excuse the landlords from their obligations.

Ligori Law once represented a client who was challenging a business owner who knew his business was located in an area that had a high criminal rate. Despite knowing this, the owner decided not to invest in safety measures, when he could have opted for a security guard, for example. Many more affordable precautions such as lighting and cameras could have been installed to increase customer safety, but one more time, the owner didn’t take the situation seriously.

Every business owner has an obligation to make the premises of their business safe for their clients. If they failed to do so and individuals get injured because of negligence, the latter can and seek compensation for whatever injuries were incurred as a result.
Negligent Security claims are very complex and commonly involve the following:

  • forced entry
  • inadequate or inexistent lighting
  • inadequate or inexistent parking lot surveillance
  • negligent hotel security
  • negligent hiring
  • attacks in elevators or staircases
  • landlord liability
  • negligent Bank or ATM security
  • negligent theme park security
  • negligent college campus or dorm room security
  • negligent shopping mall security
  • negligent sports stadium security
  • negligent hospital or medical facilities security
  • negligent nursing home/assisted living residence security
  • negligent daycare security

Call Now and a Tampa Negligent Security Attorney Will Help You

As far as personal injury cases are concerned these cases are very complicated. Investigating these claims involves working with many experts. If you or someone you know was injured or victim of a crime on business premises or even in a residential area, it is important that you seek help from a lawyer with significant experience in handling such cases. Why would you fight by yourself?

It is equally important that you contact an attorney right away so that it is possible to preserve the evidence that might be left at the scene. Many times, memories will fade (especially after a shocking event), videotaped will disappear or be of no use and employees or witnesses will change their stories. It’s important to have an attorney who is experienced and knows how to deal with situations like these. You already have a lot on your shoulders and you need to focus on healing, turning the page and getting back to your life.

The Legal Notion of Negligent Security in Florida

Florida, like other jurisdictions, recognizes that “a legal duty will arise whenever a human endeavor creates a generalized and foreseeable risk of harming others.” The Florida Supreme Court has also stated that “where a defendant’s conduct creates a foreseeable zone of risk, the law generally will recognize a duty placed upon the defendant either to lessen the risk or see that sufficient precautions are taken to protect others from the harm that the risk poses.”

In order to prove you have a claim for negligent security, you must have legally been on the property where the incident occurred. If you were illegally on the property then your claim will most likely not be pursued.

Then, in determining whether there was a duty or not, courts will look to whether an injury was foreseeable. Foreseeability can be determined by one of two ways:

  • by showing a particular third-party’s inclination toward crime or
  • by showing that the landowner had “actual or constructive knowledge” of a condition on his premises that was likely to cause harm to an individual. Such a dangerous condition can be indicated if a landowner, in their experience, knows of a likelihood of such criminal conduct by third persons.

Let Us Help

If you or someone you know has been injured or were the victim of a crime at a business or personal residence that could have been avoided, know that we can help you. Call Ligori Law today and speak with one of our negligent security attorneys.

We can help you get the compensation you deserve and alleviate the financial strain that was brought on you. This will not fix the situation but can really help you go through the many medical bills so you can focus on your recovery from injuries such as head injuries, broken bones, organ damage or disabilities.

We can also help you seek justice for the wrongful death of a family member due to negligent security. Call us today at 877-444-2929 and get a free consultation.

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