What kind of doctor should I see for my car accident injury?

By attorney Christopher Ligori

This is a question I am frequently asked. It is important that you call a law firm like Christopher Ligori and Associates to determine which doctors in your area will treat victims of auto accidents.  Most doctors do not treat victims of auto accidents because of two reasons that are not related to the actual practice of medicine. The first reason is purely financial; they are not set up bill PIP or no fault insurance. Since PIP is primary over all other forms of insurance, if they bill your health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and PIP benefits are remaining, then the bill will be rejected and they will not get paid. As we all know most doctors do not work for free. The second reason is that most doctors simply do not want to get involved in the legal process which takes time away from their medical practices. Thus there is a very limited group of medical doctors that treat auto accident victims.

Car Accident Injury Recommendations

I strongly recommend that anyone who is hurt in an auto accident go to the emergency room immediately. All emergency rooms bill PIP insurance so they will always see you after an auto or motorcycle accident.  However, Emergency rooms only determine if you have any emergency medical needs and provide basic medication such as anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers and minor non addictive pain relievers. It is important to know that most injuries worsen a day or two after an accident and can become unbearable over time, thus the medications and treatment you receive at the emergency room can be of tremendous benefit.

After going to the emergency room, you will need follow up care and that MUST with a facility with a medical doctor on staff who can treat your injuries. A law firm like
Christopher Ligori and Associates, who has extensive experience helping victims of auto and motorcycle accidents, will be able to tell you if there is a doctor in your area that will treat you. Additionally, most of these facilities also have a massage therapist, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and additional medical professionals on staff to help you through the treatment process. If your pain persists, most doctors will request for you to have an MRI to further evaluate the type of injury you have and determine your treatment needs.

If you have injuries such as knee, wrist, hip, ankle or other types of injuries besides neck and back injuries, I strongly recommend you follow up with an orthopedic doctor. Again you will need a doctor that will treat auto or motorcycle accident victims and I strongly suggest you call Christopher Ligori and Associates to find out if there are any orthopedic doctors in your area that will treat you. If your neck or back symptoms persist you may be referred to a neurologist, neurosurgeon or orthopedic spinal surgeon for a consultation and you can check with Christopher Ligori and Associates to see if there are any such specialists in your area who treat accident victims.

In summary, be sure to go to the emergency room after a car accident even if your pain is not significant because it will increase over time. Next, you should follow up with a facility that has a medical doctor on staff to treat your injuries and not just chiropractic or massage therapist’s office. While massage therapists and chiropractors are an important part of the treatment process, you need a medical doctor directing and coordinating your treatment.

Get Help With Choosing a Doctor After an Accident

If you have any further questions regarding if there are any doctors in your area that will treat you for your auto or motorcycle accident, the kind of doctor you should see or what you should expect from a medical professional in regards to your injuries, please contact Christopher Ligori and Associates 24/7  at our Tampa office (813) 223-2929 or the Pinellas number (727) 862-2929 or our toll free line (877) 444-2929.

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