Why Call Police After an Accident?

If you don’t report your Tampa car accident, you risk your insurance company denying coverage, and you won’t be able to file a claim for damages without a police report. You have to report your car accident to both your insurance company and the police if you want any compensation. Here’s how it works:

You have a legal obligation to report accidents to your insurer under the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy. If you do not report your accident to your insurer, they may deny coverage for your accident.

As for reporting your car accident to the police, accidents involving an injury, death, a hit-and-run, an intoxicated driver, or property damage more than $500 must be reported immediately to law enforcement. You will need an accident report from a police officer in order to file a claim. If you don’t call the police and have them fill out a report documenting the accident and gathering facts, then it’s your word against the other driver’s.

The law requires the police officer called to the scene of the crash to submit a Florida Traffic Crash Report to the police department within 10 days of the investigation being completed. The police have to investigate a crash that results in “any indication of complaints of pain or discomfort by any of the parties or passengers involved in the crash” according to Florida Statutes.

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