Doctors You Should Not See and Why

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Some doctors that you shouldn’t see after an auto accident are your general practitioners.  The reason for this is most do not take PIP coverage and if you are in an auto accident PIP must be used first stethoscopebefore any other types of insurance.  What this means is – even if you have public or private health insurance they will not accept a bill from a doctor because they know you have to use PIP first.  The end result is that the doctor will not get paid if he doesn’t bill PIP and almost all general practitioners do not have the ability to bill PIP.  The cost of the programs and compliance updating is very expensive for the doctor’s office and if the general practitioner doesn’t have a significant portion of their patients who are injured in auto accidents it does not make economic sense for them to invest in those types of software or other types of documentation that is necessary for proper billing of PIP.

Thus, after you’ve been to the emergency room you need to follow up with a facility that can actually bill for PIP insurance.  We strongly recommend that you see a medical doctor based facility.  What that means is a facility in which there is a medical doctor who is on staff and that doctor is the one who is in charge of the medical treatment of the patients.  What you want to avoid is simply going to a chiropractor and letting just the chiropractor dictate your medical care.  Sometimes it is okay to initially see a chiropractor, but at the same time or shortly thereafter see a medical doctor so the medical doctor can set up your plan of treatment, recommend a course to get you as well as possible, prescribe medications, send you for any diagnostic testing (ie: x-rays, MRI’s) that they feel is necessary to diagnosis the cause of your pain.  Many facilities have doctors on staff and as well as chiropractors, massage therapists and other types of medical professionals who can help see you through your treatment.  Some medical doctors who treat people who have been injured in auto accidents don’t have those additional facilities in their office and will refer you to a chiropractor or rehab facility for your follow-up care.  Both methods are fine but it is better and easier to have as much information at the doctors hands as possible.  If all your injury care is being given at one particular facility then the doctors will have easy access to the most up to date medical records and be able to manage your course of treatment with the most updated information.  However, if you go to a facility where everything is not in-house you can still receive very good quality care they just may not have access to your most updated information at the time you see the doctor which may take longer for your treatment to be coordinated between facilities.

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