What Types of Doctors Can See Me After I’ve Been to the Emergency Room?

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There are a number of different doctors that you can see after you’ve been to the emergency room.  You can see any physiatrist which is a physical therapy doctor, an orthopedic doctor, a general practitioner who works at a facility that accepts PIP, a neurologist – there are an infinite number of doctors who obtain the proper training to treat people who have been in an auto accident.  Many facilities have medical doctors on staff and as well as chiropractors, massage therapists and other types of medical professionals who can help see you through your treatment. The main issue in seeking a doctor after an accident is do they have experience treating auto accident victims and is that experience more than just the occasional patient.  Like any doctor who is specialize, the more experience they have on a day to day basis with particular types of injuries the better they are at helping their patients recover specifically in regards to injuries sustained in an auto accident.

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