Deadline to File Proof of Loss for Hurricane Matthew

Deadline to File Proof of Loss for Hurricane Matthew Flood Claims Extended Again

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IMPORTANT UPDATE!  FEMA has extended the deadline for Hurricane Matthew flood victims to file a sworn proof of loss under the Standard Flood Insurance Policy for a second time, allowing another 60 days for a total extension of 180 days following the date of loss.  See Bulletin W-17001 issued by David I. Maurstad, Assistant Administrator for Federal Insurance, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration here:

A sworn proof of loss is more than just a signed piece of paper.  A proof of loss should be supported by reports and estimates that clearly identify the basis for the damages you are claiming in the proof.  These reports and estimates should be provided by experts, such as engineers, general contractors, industrial hygienists, mold remediation companies, and other professionals qualified to determine the cause and scope of the damages.

FEMA is encouraging policyholders to file their sworn proofs of loss as soon as possible in order to expedite the recovery process.  Using experts familiar with the insurance process and how to prepare a line item estimate that can be properly analyzed by an adjuster is critical.

If you have suffered damage to your home or building due to Hurricane Matthew and need advice on how to properly prepare a sworn proof of loss, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.  No recovery, no fee.

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