Winter Garden sinkhole damage lawyer

Winter Garden residents with possible sinkhole damage face fight for coverage from their insurance companies

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Did you know that some Winter Garden residents were forced to evacuate their homes Saturday night due to possible sinkhole collapse?

One family was forced to move out when the floor buckled and the building inspector declared the structure unsafe.  Neighbors are also seeing settlement cracks in their walls and are being told to leave as a precautionary measure.  Sadly, even in this unsafe situation, the neighbors may have to fight for coverage from their insurance companies and rely on attorneys for help.

That is because the Florida Legislature, influenced by insurance companies who lobby them and contribute to their campaigns, tried to eliminate any meaningful sinkhole coverage in 2011, and they succeeded in large part.  As it now stands, if your building experiences a catastrophic cover collapse and is condemned, your damages should be covered.  However, in order to be covered for sinkhole loss, you must purchase an addition to your policy and your damage must meet a 5-point structural damage standard—unless your policy language offers broader coverage in which case you may have an easier time recovering.  But don’t expect your insurance company to volunteer this information.  Sound confusing?  Don’t hesitate to contact Christopher Ligori & Associates for a free consultation before accepting a denial your sinkhole insurance claim.

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