Why should you talk to a lawyer after getting into a car accident?

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Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but life happens. There are over 1,000 car accidents in the Tampa area every single month and most people who get into car accidents don’t understand the importance of speaking with an attorney. By no means do you need to hire a lawyer after your car accident … Read more

3 Things You Need To Know In An Auto Accident

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As you know, Christopher Ligori & Associated helps those injured in Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucking, Slip/Trip/Fall Accidents, Defective Products and Victims of Violent Crimes. Please remember that if you are in a car accident, please note that Florida’s PIP law can significantly affect your ability to pay your medical bills, if you do not follow certain … Read more

What are the best types of Doctors to see after an Auto Accident?

Doctors after an Auto Accident

Choosing your doctor can be very difficult when someone is in an auto accident.  It becomes even more complicated depending on your injuries.   Certainly, someone in a catastrophic accident and who has suffered a catastrophic injury such as brain damage, broken bones or some other extreme injury are much different than what most people receive … Read more