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Get Help When Injured by Negligence

At Christopher Ligori & Associates, we understand that an accident can cause you and your family great stress. Not every accident is blameless. Some accidents occur because proper caution and safety measures were not followed, or because of reckless by behavior by others. When this negligence or recklessness results in an injury to you, your life will never be the same.

As a result of a serious accident in Florida, you may be facing:

  • Significant medical bills
  • A Long-term recovery
  • A permanent reduction or loss of physical mobility
  • Lost wages/earnings
  • Mental trauma

The law provides protection for those who are injured by others. Our accident lawyers would be happy to help you understand just how you are protected, and your options if you’re interested in seeking restitution. A no-obligation consultation is all that’s necessary to find out if our lawyers will be able to help you.

Christopher Ligori & Associates has been a strong advocate for those injured in accidents for many years. Our firm has handled thousands of accident cases and has the experience to help you through this difficult time. Our experience includes many different types of accidents, and additionally, we can use public data from other cases to help you understand what type of recovery you can expect.

Accident Representation on Contingency

Our firm provides representation on a contingency fee basis.  You will not be required to pay legal fees upfront. Instead, our lawyers will collect their fee from a portion of any successful recoveries. There will be no fees or cost unless we win your case.

Respond Quickly to Injurious Accidents

A successful injury case can rely heavily on time to prepare and gather evidence while it’s available. For this reason, we recommend that you schedule your consultation as soon as you are injured. This will give our lawyers time to prepare a strong case, and of course, comes at no cost to you.



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