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Our law firm is here to help you with all of your insurance needs. We are a law firm specializing in helping people who have been injured or had their personal property damaged and have had their insurance claim denied or undervalued. 

Our team of insurance attorneys is experienced, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any questions you might have about your case. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate through the complicated world of personal injury and insurance law, so we’re here every step of the way until you get the compensation you deserve.


Do you need help with an insurance claim?

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers working on their side, and they will do everything possible to avoid paying your claim. So you need someone who can stand up against them and fight for what is right.

We are a team of experienced insurance attorneys and personal injury lawyers who will fight hard on your behalf to get you the compensation that is owed to you when an insurance company denies your claim. When it comes time for negotiations, we won’t back down until we have gotten what is fair. Our goal is always 100% satisfaction for our clients!

If you have suffered a personal injury or property damage, our insurance attorney team will be there every step of the way as we work towards getting you the best possible outcome in your claim. We know how stressful this process can be, but rest assured that we are on your side and will do everything in our power to make sure that justice is served!

Insurance claims can be complicated and confusing, but we’re here to make the process simple for you. 


The insurance industry has a lot at stake, including its own economic security. So, they will always do their very best to ensure that their financial position is protected by avoiding payouts. For example, they’ll use complex legal jargon to their advantage by manipulating the language in the policy document. They’ll then find loopholes to deny or undervalue your claim by alleging that: 

  • the policy does not cover the loss submitted in your claim,
  • the public adjuster has proposed that the damages are less than what you are claiming, or 
  • the policy excludes your claim. 

In these circumstances, an insurance attorney representing policyholders can seek to understand the basis of your claim, investigate the contents of your insurance policy (the complete copy) and the circumstances surrounding your claim. 

If there is sufficient evidence to prove that you have a valid claim and the insurance company has unfairly denied or undervalued your claim, your insurance attorney can file suit for legal action against the insurance company. 

Filing a suit does not necessarily mean that your case will end up in court. The insurance company may wish to avoid an expensive legal process and attorney fees, so they are likely to agree to enter into negotiations. In these circumstances, our team of insurance attorneys will ensure that you are fairly compensated for your insurance claim.


Our team of experienced and knowledgeable insurance attorneys is committed to settling insurance claim disputes in several practice areas, including: 


If you’ve ever been in an accident or experienced damage to our property, it is easy to understand why insurance claims can be so stressful. You are dealing with the physical pain of your injuries, the emotional pain of your loss, and the headache of figuring out how to pay for them.

Insurance companies love to use confusing language when describing their products because they want you to think that only an expert will understand them. Unfortunately, this means most people don’t get the coverage they need or pay too much money for the wrong policy. 


The insurance attorneys at Ligori Law understand that this process is frustrating and want to help people get back on their feet after an injury or loss. They know that insurance companies are not always fair or helpful when it comes to paying out claims, which is why they advocate on behalf of their clients before they even file a claim. 

We have a passion for helping people who are facing financial hardship due to an insurance company denying coverage or being slow to pay out benefits owed under an insurance policy. We will fight hard against the big corporations who are trying to take advantage of you!


The Ligori Law insurance attorney team has been helping people like you for over 30 years with insurance claims and other legal matters related to car accidents and personal injury cases. 

We focus on getting our clients’ maximum settlements to keep our costs down so that there aren’t any hidden fees involved when working with us. 

If you have been unsuccessful in your insurance claim and need access to insurance lawyers, call Christopher Ligori & Associates at 877-444-2929 for a free consultation.

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