What Types of Surgeons May I See for Pain Management?

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One of the primary types of surgeons you may see would be a spinal surgeon.  Spinal surgeon’s are usually orthopedic surgeons with an area of 6435805733_914a35fd22specialization in spinal surgery.  What this means is – the spinal surgeon will undergo a fellowship, which is specialized training with other spinal surgeons for a period of time in which they are highly supervised and trained to do neck and back surgeries.  There are relatively few of these types of doctors in any particular area and only about 40 or 50 in the state of Florida.

The other type of doctor that will do spinal surgery is a neuro-surgeon.  However, while there are more neuro-surgeons, many of these doctors gravitate more to types of brain surgery and do not specialize in neck or back surgery.  Thus, there is a limited number of neuro-surgeons that specialize in neck or back procedures.

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