Were You In A Car Accident Caused By An Overworked Taxi Driver?

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Were you in an auto accident with the taxi driver? You might have seen this news story about the danger that tired and overworked talk to drivers pose to everyone else—the taxi’s passengers, other drivers and their passengers, and innocent bystanders just walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street. You might be surprised to learn … Read more

It Is Crucial to Speak to an Attorney Before an Insurance Adjuster

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It is crucial to speak with an attorney first before you speak with any insurance company representative, whether it is the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier or your own. Be very cautious when speaking to an insurance company adjuster. Please follow the following list of things not to do when you are called by an insurance … Read more

7 Must Know Issues if Your UBER Driver Gets Into an Accident

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Currently, the Florida Legislature is reviewing the nature of the employer/employee relationship at transportation networking companies like UBER. This determination will ultimately affect whether UBER shares the responsibility for any injuries that may occur as the result of an accident involving an UBER vehicle. UBER has lobbied for proposals that would classify the drivers as … Read more

How Car Accident Animations Create Powerful Testimony in a Personal Injury Case that Goes to Trial

Everyone knows the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This could not be truer than in the courtroom, where animations and diagrams can be powerful tools to prove a case. We recently represented a woman who tragically lost both legs as the result of a car crash. Using physical evidence and witness testimony … Read more