You've been injured in an accident, now what video thumbnail

You’ve been injured in a car accident, now what?

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Ok, so this is the dreadful moment that nobody wants to be in.

You’ve been involved in a car accident and now you are injured.

You may have just been in an accident or you’ve already been to the hospital or emergency room.

Here are 3 things to consider if you have been injured in a car accident:

  1. You need medical care. Go to the emergency room to make sure your injuries are not worse than you believe. Hospitals will tell you that the true nature of many injuries cannot be recognized until time passes and follow up treatment and diagnostic testing i.e. MRIs, CT scans, etc. The emergency room is not designed to diagnose many of the most common injuries related to car accidents. 
  2. Be careful what you say to the insurance companies. No matter how much you think an insurance company is going to be on your side, they will twist your words if push comes to shove. Talk to a lawyer, they can give you advice on how to phrase things to the insurance company so they cannot twist your words.
  3. Consider speaking to a lawyer. Watch our video on the 5 reasons you should talk to a lawyer after a car accident. By no means are you obligated to talk to a lawyer, but we can help you with a number of issues that come along with a car accident from dealing with the insurance company to getting paid for the time you missed away from work.

We can help walk you through all of the nuances after getting into a car accident if you give us a call at (813) 223-2929. We are available 24/7 to take your call. Or fill out our form below and someone from our office will give you a call.

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