Types of Surgeons – Part 2

The other type of doctors you may see if you’ve been in an auto accident are orthopedic surgeons.  Orthopedic surgeons do surgery on the shoulders, knees, hips, ankles or wrists.  There are sub-specialties under orthopedic surgery such as hand specialists that will handle certain aspects of your hand as well as doctors who specialize in … Read more

What Types of Surgeons May I See for Pain Management?

One of the primary types of surgeons you may see would be a spinal surgeon.  Spinal surgeon’s are usually orthopedic surgeons with an area of specialization in spinal surgery.  What this means is – the spinal surgeon will undergo a fellowship, which is specialized training with other spinal surgeons for a period of time in … Read more

What is a Differential Diagnosis and How Does That Help Determine What Caused My Pain?

All doctors will do what is known as a “differential diagnosis”.   The first part of that process is to take what is known as a “history of present illness”.   The doctor will ask when did this pain start and try to find out whether any occurrences that took place may be the cause of your … Read more